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The Glenrose Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic is located at Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. The clinic is located on the second floor of the hospital. Patients must be referred to this clinic, usually from another physician. Some patients are initially seen at the Stollery Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic, and then transferred to the Glenrose Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic if they have increased health needs to see a multidisciplinary team (including: physical therapists, occupational therapists, social worker, registered dietician, psychology, orthotics, and support staff).


If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact Alayna, the Booking Coordinator, at least 24 hours prior to your appointment: 780-735-8276

In order to timely access to care for all the children we serve in Western Canada, we must be able to reach you to confirm your attendance to this appointment prior to the appointment date. If this is not possible, this appointment will be cancelled and offered to another waiting family. You will either receive an appointment letter in the mail several weeks prior to your appointment, or receive a phone call to schedule the appointment. We leave voicemails whenever possible.

Please note that multiple cancellations, no-shows, and/or unconfirmed appointments may result in the care of your child being returned to your referring doctor.

On the Day of Your Appointment:

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to give yourself time to find parking and the clinic. When you and your child arrive, please check in at the front desk in the GlenEast building (have your Alberta health card ready). You will then be given instructions on going up to the second floor to the Level 2 Clinic Area. Your child’s height, weight, and blood pressure will be checked. Your physician cannot guarantee your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late.

Please bring:

  • A list of all the medications and dosages your child is currently taking.
  • A pair of shorts for your child to wear for the examination.
  • Your child’s Alberta Health Care card and identification.

Appointments can take anywhere from ½ hour to 2 ½ hours, depending on how many team members your child is scheduled to see.


Glenrose Parking Map




MyAHSConnect Sign Up Instructions

If you are signed up already, go to AHS.CA/mac to access MyAHS Connect.

MyAHSConnect is a secure patient portal that allows you access to some of your health information and results through Alberta Health Services. It is part of ConnectCare, a comprehensive electronic health care record which is rolling out across all Alberta Health Services facilities over the next 5 years.  Currently, it is available for physicians and patients at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the University of Alberta Hospital.

It is available to Albertans 14 years of age or older with an Alberta Driver’s License or Alberta Identification Card. MYAHSConnect is not for urgent medical needs. For medical emergencies, dial 911.

If you are a parent, you must first sign up for your own account before requesting proxy access for your child.

To sign up for MyAHSConnect:

  1. Create an Account:
    1. You need to sign up for a MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI) account.
    2. You will need your Alberta Driver’s License or Alberta Identification Card for this step.
    3. While waiting for your Account verification code to arrive in the mail (within 10 business days), move to Step 2. If you already have an Account, move to Step 2.
  2. Create a MyHealth Records Account:
    1. Use your Account username and password.
    2. You will need your Alberta Personal Health Number (PHN) for this step.
  3. Click on MYAHS Connect.
  4. To activate your MyAHSConnect account, all you need to do is contact your rheumatologist’s office and they can quickly set it up for you.
  5. Once you have completed the above steps, you can access MyAHSConnect on your smartphone by downloading the “MyChart” app from the App Store or Google Play.

If your child is younger than 12 years old, you can apply for proxy access to their MyAHS Connect account at any time using this process. Learn more.

If your child is older than 12 years old, proxy access is likely to be granted only if your child has complex or special healthcare needs; this includes autoimmune disorders followed by Pediatric Rheumatology. Learn more.

Once your child is 14 years old, they may create their own MyAHSConnect account.

For more information about MyAHSConnect, please visit their Frequently Asked Questions ( page here.

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